Congratulations to Pat Huttenbach and family for participating in the 2023 Houston Half Marathon held this past weekend. Pat was accompanied by Yve (his wife), Steven (his son), and David Thaller (his brother-in-law).  According to Runner’s World, the Houston Marathon and Half Marathon are “two of the fastest races in the U.S.”  Remember the Half Marathon consists of 13.1 miles.  A word of caution, if Pat extends an invitation to you to join his family in an event, you might want to get the specifics before saying yes!

Another shout out to Marty Olson, who has been a Houston Marathon volunteer since 1984.  Yes, that is 39 years!  Marty volunteers all three days and assists with handling volunteer check in, handing out medals to the 5k runners, and coordinating volunteer logistics.  Three days of early mornings and late nights sounds like a whole different kind of marathon.

Finally, we can not forget all the contributions Brant Kotch has made throughout his many years as Race Director, General Counsel and President of the Houston Marathon Committee.  His involvement began as a runner (1986), volunteer (1992), General Counsel (1994), Board Member (1996), and Course Director and President (2002). He worked tirelessly shaping the Houston Marathon and Half Marathon into the reputable mammoth race it has grown to be.  He is currently President of the Houston Marathon Committee, General Counsel and Race Director Emeritus.

Congratulations to Crain Caton & James participants and volunteers, all race participants and volunteers, and to Houston for developing this renown event.