HOUSTON, TX, February 23, 2022 – In a four-year David v. Goliath battle, Crain Caton & James successfully defends In-Depth Geophysical, Inc. and In-Depth Compressive Seismic, Inc (In-Depth) against patent infringement and Lanham act claims asserted by ConocoPhillips.

In-Depth began developing compressive sensing technology in 2016, which includes its patented Compressive Seismic Acquisition (“CSA”) software used to design surveys for onshore and offshore (OBN/OBC) seismic data acquisition, as well as its proprietary Compressive Seismic Reconstruction (“CSR”) and EPOCS software that reconstruct a wavefield using the acquired seismic data.

In March 2018, ConocoPhillips filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas (Hon. Sim Lake) asserting claims for patent infringement and Lanham Act violations based on its compressive sensing technology. In December 2020, ConocoPhillips filed a second lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas asserting additional patent infringement claims.

After two of the four asserted patents were dismissed from the first lawsuit and more than half of the claims in one of the two remaining patents were invalidated, ConocoPhillips stipulated to a dismissal of both cases. The official press release may be found at In-Depth Press Release.

In-Depth provides seismic data processing services in the US and abroad. Additional information regarding In-Depth’s onshore and offshore (OBN/OBC) seismic data acquisition and wavefield reconstruction services and its patented software may be found at In-Depth Compressive and In-Depth Geophysical.

Attorneys for In-Depth Compressive Seismic, Inc. and In-Depth Geophysical, Inc. – William P. Jensen, Vance Christopher, James E. Hudson III, and David A. Polsinelli of Crain Caton & James, P.C.

Attorneys for Plaintiff ConocoPhillips Company – Rick I. Rambo, David J. Levy, Thomas R. Davis, Archis V. Ozarkar, and Hang Zheng of Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP.

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