Armed with a pumpkin-carving kit, pumpkin and a plan, Team Crain Caton & James set out to compete and win the Five Houston Center Pumpkin-Carving Contest.  The four wizards who skillfully used a serrated knife to transform ordinary pumpkins into ghoulish delights were: Gabriela Barake, Veronica Gallegos, Caroline Pace, and Ana Rendon.  “When carving a pumpkin, the artist chisels away everything that is not the jack-o-lantern,” states budding sculptor Gabriela Barake.

There may not be one winner for this year’s contest, but these goblins sure had fun!  “It is amazing what using technology creatively allows you to do and what a great way to spend time with co-workers and other tenants,” says Caroline Pace.  To see the team’s daunting creations, please view below and be sure to have a terrific TRICK OR TREAT.