2020 Environmental Real Estate Issues

On November 11, EPA issued a supplemental proposal on methane emissions. According to EPA’s news release, the proposal will create “common sense standards” designed to “protect workers and communities, maintain and create high-quality, union-friendly jobs, and promote U.S. innovation and manufacturing of critical new technologies, all while delivering significant economic benefits through increased recovery of wasted gas.”

Supplement to November 2021 Proposal
The proposal supplements EPA’s November 2021 proposal and reflects “input and feedback from a broad range of stakeholders and nearly half a million public comments.” It would provide “more comprehensive requirements” for “hundreds of thousands of existing oil and gas sources nationwide.” It would also “promote the use of innovative methane detection technologies and other cutting-edge solutions.”

New Requirements and Standards
Included in the proposal is a “Super-Emitter Response Program” that would “require operators to respond to credible third-party reports of high-volume methane leaks.”

EPA claims the proposal will have “all well sites…routinely monitored for less cost.” It will continue EPA’s emphasis on reducing emissions from flares, establish standards for dry seal compressors, and set a “zero-emissions standard for pneumatic controllers and pneumatic pumps.”

Subject to Public Comment
The proposal is subject to comment through February 13, 2023. To see the news release, which has links to find more information on the proposal and comment procedures, https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/biden-harris-administration-strengthens-proposal-cut-methane-pollution-protect