2020 Environmental Real Estate IssuesOn February 13, 2020, EPA issued its “Fiscal Year 2019 EPA Enforcement and Compliance Annual Results” (the “Results”).  FY 2019 began October 1, 2018 and ended September 30, 2019.

Federal Civil Enforcement

The Results show a decline in the federal civil cases initiated and concluded during President Obama’s first term; they stayed relatively constant during his second term and declined again during President Trump’s first three years.

Increased Federal Criminal Enforcement

For the first time since FY 2013, the number of persons charged with federal environmental crimes increased.  Until FY 2019, the trend in the number of persons charged in criminal cases was similar to the civil case pattern, decreasing during President Obama’s first term, staying relatively constant during his second term, and declining during President Trump’s first two years.  However, the number of persons charged with federal environmental crimes increased in FY 2019.  Also, the total number of filed federal criminal cases increased in FY 2019; they had increased slightly in FY 2018 from FY 2017, but the FY 2019 increase was even more substantial.

For a link to the Results https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2020-02/documents/fy19-enforcement-annual-results-data-graphs.pdf

4C Conference February 19-21, Austin, TX

I look forward to presenting at the 2020 4C Health, Safety, and Environmental Conference.  The Conference is February 19-21 at the Hilton Austin.  On presentation day, February 20, I shall speak on “Federal, State and Local Enforcement.”  More information is at https://www.4cconference.com/