Participating in the Adopt-An-Angel program sponsored by the Houston Young Lawyers Foundation (HYLF) was a heartwarming experience for the elves at Crain Caton & James.  As some of Santa’s helpers watched the truck pull away from the loading dock overflowing with colorful bags full of requested toys and clothes, they imagined the excitement of the smiles of the children on Christmas morning. The most sought-after items, Legos, Barbie houses, and dolls, promised to bring endless hours of creative play and delight. Additionally, soccer balls and soccer shirts added an extra touch of happiness encouraging active play.  Several toys, shoes, pajamas, and clothes for school included appearances of Spider-man and other popular characters.

Crain Caton & James would like to give a shout out to the committee members of the Adopt-An-Angel Program.  They do an amazing job of organizing and leading this magnificent program, which services over 3000 Houston angels.  For information on how you can participate go to HYLF Adopt-An-Angel Program.