Life can often take an unexpected turn. Parties do not enter into a marriage relationship with plans to divorce; however, the termination of that relationship has become a reality for many families. When a party finds themselves involved in a divorce action, our family law attorneys help clients to understand the legal process, identify the legal issues, and navigate the case to a final resolution. Our experienced divorce attorneys offer guidance and support to clients during this emotionally challenging process of ending a marriage and zealously advocate for their clients during the entirety of the process from negotiations and mediation through the litigation of contested issues.

For many clients, a divorce is the single largest business transaction that they will encounter. The family law attorneys at Crain Caton & James specialize in handling high net worth and complex divorce litigation. This process includes the identification of all existing marital assets as well as any assets or wealth that have disappeared from the marital estate. It is important to determine the value of the assets and liabilities so that negotiation of a fair and equitable division becomes possible. Without a true assessment of the value of the marital estate, financial security and future earning potential can be at risk. For some clients, the protection of separate property can also be a significant legal issue.

In a divorce action, protecting the best interest of the children is always a paramount concern. For parents that desire to work together and co-parent after divorce, it is important to identify and understand all medical, psychological, educational, and legal issues relating to the children to eliminate the risk of future conflict. In circumstances where custody issues are contested, the family law attorneys at Crain Caton & James are experienced in navigating the complexities of custody and visitation litigation.

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