Enforcements and Modifications


Once a final order is established, whether by court order or by agreement, sometimes it becomes necessary to enforce the terms of the order. When a party fails to comply with a court order, our Houston-based divorce lawyers support clients in taking the legal steps necessary to enforce the order. An enforcement action can result in sanctions, the imposition of attorney’s fees, and even jail time, depending on the underlying issue. The primary objective of our Houston family law attorneys is to ensure court-ordered obligations are met, allowing families to move forward with confidence and stability.

Because a court maintains jurisdiction over the children through the age of majority, over time circumstances can change that might warrant a modification of the underlying order. In such instances, our lawyers help clients take the steps necessary to change provisions of the existing order relating to custody, visitation, or support of the children. Change of circumstances can involve a parent, such as inability to exercise possession, loss of job, relocation, or consistently bad parenting decisions or the change of circumstances may involve a child such as diagnosis of medical, psychological, or learning differences or other changes to the needs of the child. Our Houston family law attorneys guide clients through the legal process of requesting, negotiating and when necessary, litigating a modification action.

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