Property Asset and Division


Crain Caton & James’ Houston divorce lawyers expertly guide clients through the legal process of dividing the martial estate, including forensic investigation and analysis of marital assets, identification and protection of separate property assets, and valuation of business, investment and retirements assets. Our attorneys meticulously review all pertinent financial documents, such as corporate documents, tax returns, bank statements, retirement plans, and investment portfolios, to ascertain the value and ownership of each asset. They offer invaluable legal advice and direction on how to appropriately divide marital assts by taking into account the unique financial position and long-term objective of each client.

Once the nature and extent of the marital estate is determined, our attorneys work with their client to negotiate and facilitate a mutually acceptable settlement agreement. In situations where an agreement cannot be reached, our Houston-based divorce attorneys will vigorously represent their clients in court proceedings to protect their separate property estate and secure a fair and equitable division of the community estate. Throughout the entire process, our divorce lawyers prioritize safeguarding their clients’ financial stability.

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